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SEBO ET-H Vacuum Cleaner Power Head

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SEBO ET-H Vacuum Cleaner Power Head

  • SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Power Head11 3/4-inch Power Head Width
  • Variable Brush Pressure Adjustment for Optimal Cleaning of Carpets and Hard Floors
  • Its Brush Roller Cannot be Manually Switched Off
  • A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch Profile
  • Its 180° Steering Ability is Highly Maneuverable Around Furniture
  • A Convenient Clog Removal Door
  • Warning Light to Indicate Incorrect Height Setting or a Worn Brush Roller
  • Brush Obstruction Warning Light with Automatic Shut Off
  • SEBO Five Year WarrantyRubber-coated Wheels to Protect Hard Floors
  • The T-shaped Head Offers Two-sided Edge Cleaning
  • A Central Vacuum Wand Adapter is Available
  • Excellent for Pet Hair Removal
  • Five-year Warranty
The SEBO ET-H Power Head (11 ¾-inches wide, 11½-inch cleaning path) – This model’s T-shaped head offers two-sided edge cleaning and variable brush pressure adjustment for optimal cleaning of carpets and hard floors. However, its brush roller cannot be manually switched off. The ET-H’s 180° steering mechanism helps to easily clean around obstacles. If an obstruction jams the brush roller, an orange warning light, located next to the green "power light," illuminates and the brush roller immediately stops spinning. This prevents the belt from breaking and protects the motor and carpet from damage. It also has easy brush roller removal and a convenient clog removal door.


DESIGNED TO VACUUM CARPETS AND HARD FLOORS – SEBO power heads are recognized worldwide as the most reliable and best designed on the market. They are virtually maintenance free and feature warning systems and automatic shut-off capabilities designed to protect the machine and assure optimum performance. Brush roller removal is quick and easy, so it can be cleaned or replaced if the bristles are worn, ensuring consistently effective brush agitation. They also offer electronic overload protection that extends belt life by shutting off power if an obstruction jams the brush roller. And do not worry about pet clean up. All SEBO power heads easily remove pet hair!


SEBO Vacuum Cleaner Central Vacuum Adapter 2780AMThe SEBO Central Vacuum Adapter – This device fits on any SEBO power head and can attach to most existing central vacuum wands.




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